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Re: Types of experience

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Aaron and Jennifer (THEGREEN99)
Tue, 2 Nov 1999 17:20:06 -0500

>Many of us have gotten the same "you've got to pay your dues" "what makes
>you think you're qualified" remarks because we have MFA's and no education
> me. (with frequent comments on how "artists can't teach
art" -
>that sort of thing.)
>Then those of us with MFA's point to, say, encountering an
>art teacher who had to ask us how to mix orange at a workshop (a true
>story), or other dramatic examples of an astonishing lack of depth in SOME
>art teacher's visual arts and art history knowledge. Even with art ed
>degrees and lots of "dues paying".

I guess I am a little confused. I do not have an art education degree
per say. My university cancelled the program the semester I entered college.
So, I got my BA in art. ( I thought it would be more helpful for me being
that I had a minor nearly completed when I walked in.) But, I had to
separately get a teaching certificate, in addition to my degree. I really
don't think that I am less of a teacher because I did not have specific
coursework in art ed. I studied art ed with a couple of my professors who
posed topics to me. Then it was up to me to research those topics so I could
discuss the issue with my professors. I learned so much more about the
general workings of art ed, rather than the specifics. I never had to write
a paper. I never had to take an exam. I merely kept a dialogue going with my
professors about art education.
To be honest, I feel intimidated when people start using $.50 words
because I did not learn art education that way. I have to remind myself that
it is okay and that I experienced education in a different way. I have
learned my own style, developed my own beliefs, and focused on my purpose as
an educator. Is that what makes us unique? Is that what our college
education programs try to get us to do?
Now, does this make me less qualified? I certainly don't think so. I
don't think so of others who are in my same position. Education comes from
the heart, not from a textbook.

Jennifer in Michigan