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the art ed discussion and the sharing room

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Stephanie Ignazio (smi)
Tue, 2 Nov 1999 17:13:43 -0500

First of all....amen amen Paula! I could not have said it better myself. Our
classrooms are not only for the kids..but for us as well. When I stop
learning, i stop teaching.

Secondly, it seems as if we are all sharing our histories...honestly I don't
know why, I've had some server problems and been out of the loop, but here's
mine. I got my BFA in fashion design...made dresses for a while, gowns, you
name it. Had a great job offer in New York...met my future husband and never
left home....good choice. Years of business experience later, I was still
doing my own art, but totally unfufilled so I took on a Pastry program
(Associates degree) while working FT. Soon learned that I much more enjoyed
teaching others in the class what to do, then actually creating it
myself...the teacher's helper if you will. Left my FT job, went back to
school FT and got certified to teach, it took two years. Was lucky enough to
get a job first thing out of school , albeit a job from hell (32 classes a
week, three schools, long story) but it prepared me well. I continue to
"train" and learn because I feel it is truly important to keep up with all
that is new and exciting in the world and am currently pursuing my Masters
in creative arts in Learning. I'm not quite sure how this thread got
somewhat bitter, so I will end by saying that whether you have an art ed
degree or an art degree...we are in the business of teaching, and we teeach
kids, whether they are smaller or taller than you. We make a difference
whether others realize it or not and as long as you are happy with yourself,
that is what matters. (I'm getting off my box now)

Lastly, about sharing a room, I have done it. I have also shared a closet as
a workspace and shared a cart. Currently I share a space one day a
week...but I take the hall (that's another long story). I think if you are
repectful and open it can have wonderful benefits to both parties.

So there is my long scoop. Thanks for reading, Stephanie

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