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Re: non art certified possible?

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Mon, 1 Nov 1999 20:25:32 EST

In a message dated 11/1/99 4:28:41 PM Pacific Standard Time, Museee

<< And finally, I know that teachers who are not trained in
a subject can be highly effective professionals, happens frequently and
sometimes they are so untrained that they do better. Those individuals I
know are educated, open and motivated and have something treasured to share,
that meets the needs of students. I have seen the opposite as well, in fact
where I used to teach the art teacher is making a mess of things and he is
not certified. It all depends on the individual. But certainly, teachers
far more than their training, training which by the way is given mainly by
those who really don't know children, don't teach children any longer and
often pushing what the political machinery of education currently says is
right approach and above all is so culture bound. Three cheers for teachers
who recognize that we are far more than trained specimens and that we can go
out of our little boxes.

I find the comment about 'political machinery' Interesting here.
The National Art Institute is trying, through their "Artists in
Schools"program to get education to pay for the arts in the community. By
paying a tile setter here, a musician there to go to schools and show the
kids what they do removes the onus from the Government to support the arts
and makes education foot the bill... This undercuts the role of teachers
trained in art and in education and replaces them with people from the
community who come and give a show on what they do without building up to it
with any developmental and consecutive lessons.
It takes at least 15 lessons in any area before children 'get it' and can
produce any art that shows their thought processes at work. Just observing
someone does not teach them.
DO we have itinerant book keepers come to schools and teach math? Would we
be content with authors, unpublished or published, coming in to teach reading
and writing one or two times a year by telling and showing how they create
Would we put up with uncredentialed, untrained science teachers just because
they had a degree from am engineering school or worked for a large
Might be all very entertaining, but its not teaching.