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Re: 2D to 3D

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Bunki Kramer (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 21:43:08 -0800 (PST)

>I've taught this using popcorn. My unit is called "Variation of Form" I
>give each student a little bit of popcorn and ask them to find an
>interesting form. I have them draw the form with values in their
>sketchbook. I then ask them to redraw the image to larger paper and
>instruct on gesture studies of popcorn. Then I ask them to redraw the
>image with a slightly cubist style. Finally we create the popcorn in 3D
>using Papier Mache. At the moment I have giant popcorn hanging from my
>ceiling in my art room. >Suzanne

I love this idea about the paper mache popcorn! You've got my brain gears
crankin'. I've used popcorn also but from 3D TO 2D. Each person get a small
handful and makes a tiny sculpture of 3-5 pieces white glued to a small
piece of white matboard. We draw it on white paper approx. 6x8" with pencil
and use lots of shading. We trace over that with tracing paper and enlarge
it by grid method to 12x16". At this point you can do diff. things. One is
to transform these basic shapes into something recognizable like dogs
playing or a face (or whatever the shapes mean to you). Another is to use
it as a non-objective and do "color" studies and blends like analogous,
monocromatic, triadic, etc. just made my day, Suzanne. Thanks........

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