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Thanks! Re:Teachers are reluctant to change!

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Liyan Wang (wang.347)
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 02:01:50 -0500

Wow! You guys are great! I am so excited to see emails coming in to my
mailbox addressing the issue that has concerned me for quite a while.
Meet and talk with you at the "teacher's lounge" makes thinking so much
fun (since there are many intelligent and passionate people thinking
along with me). The sense of "being connected" is wonderful.
For me, the computer is a power medium. It helps the process of art
creation, teaching, research, multimedia production,
communication...etc. I don't think that using computer should be the
only way or the most dominate way of art teaching, I'm indeed concerned
of not recognizing/using this power media well. Although we believe in
educating through art, students will live through the mass media. Their
concept of art will be "educated" through visual effects, computer
games, and TV commercials if we don't teach with/about this media and
discuss the social/culture influence of computers on art and society
(both positive and negative).
I also find it interesting that several of you comment that the art
room will be the last place that a computer will be put in. It's sad and
unfortunately true in some cases. Interestingly, some art teachers seem
to be able to get more machines, equipment, and training. I wonder what
makes the difference? Is it because it's richer district with supportive
administrators. I wonder if those art teachers need to go through some
negotiation process and persuade the administrators that it worths the
investment. Or life is just not fair...
Thanks again, you guys/ladies. I'll spend some time carefully looking
at your responses, thinking some things over, and definitely coming back
with more questions.

Ps: Sharon, I did an action research investigating the integration of
computer technology in my art teaching. I enjoy the process and think
that the topic is something worth investigating. Action research helps
me to reflect on my own teaching practice so that I am able to
understand my students, myself and the issue (computers in the art
classroom) better. If the topic interests you, go for it! Best wishes!

Liyan Wang from Ohio