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Jennifer Diena-Leigh Munroe (jdmunroe)
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 15:48:58 -0800 (PST)

I appreciate your prompt reply to my query. In response to your
reservations regarding my approach to the mask unit, I think you should
know that I am aware of the cautions for those who utilize the
art/imagery of other cultures. There are issues regarding appropriation -
esp. misappropriation - of indiginious art by well meaning individuals
who are not informed about the cultural imperatives and significance of
these works. Anthropology is a subject area with which I am extremely
familiar - my father was an Anth. professor - and I have travelled and
studied in the area in the area I will be focusing on (Mexico)
failry extensively. I also plan to work with the Latin American liason in
my school to work some ideas out cooperatively. Re. the materials issue:
this is not a problem since I am not asking them to make a "Mayan", or an
"Aztec" mask, but rather, to use these as a starting point (considering
the elements used,and the purpose/intent [context] of the artist or
culture) to consider as they create their own mask.
I do want to thank you, and so many others for their thoughtful and
helpful responses to my mask making questions. Any more ideas? I could use

On Sat, 21 Nov 1998, Janice L Hayes wrote:

> Jennifer, We had a lot of discussion in my Multi-cultural class last
> semester about units of curriculum that are available that call themselves
> "multi-cultural." Basically, we were discussing the materials that they
> use to make what is then suppose to be referenced to or referred to as an
> African, or Native American mask when they use completely different
> materials in the making of their mask. Most authentic mask are used for
> religious purposes and this aspect needs to be addressed also in your
> unit.
> I think it is possible to teach a well constructed unit on mask, and mask
> making, but just be aware of the materials issue and what they mask was
> originally intended for and you will have a cohesive unit.
> Many cultures use make mask you may want to start by looking at the many
> different African tribes that make mask, also be aware that there are many
> different tribes and each has different purposes for their mask and they
> probably should not be labeled Africa mask, but instead by the tribe.
> Janice Hayes
> University of Arizona