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Sharolyn Benfell (benfell)
Sat, 21 Nov 1998 16:31:09 -0700 (MST)

Hi, Lynn. I believe I am one of your assigned partners. I want to try
respond to your 19NOV entry on ArtsEdNet regarding cancer and art. Since
I am not sure exactly what you need and my personal experience with the
subject is pretty limited, I thought I would just share some of my
thoughts with you. I am sorry I can't be more helpful. Anyway.....
I find cancer to be pretty terrifying to think about. My mother's
husband was recently found to have some cancer of the liver, I believe,
and they are now in the process of trying to determin whether they have
succeeded in removing all of it or not. I can hear the fear in my
mother's voice and the anger in his voice. My contact with them is by
phone since they live outside my home area. Anyway, my sense is that they
are very worried and going forward the best they can.
To tell you the truth I am a little at a loss as to how you take
these kinds of things into K-12 art classrooms. Not that I don't think it
should be dealt with if it can be usefully, you understand? Do I
understand correctly that the slides you presented in your class are ones
that could be taken into k-12 classroom and discussed from a
critical/aesthetic/historical standpoint? So, I guess I just answered my
own question......that is how you could take these issues into the art
classroom. I think that if I was going to try that, I would want to be
sure to do homework myself to be sure I could handle any emotional
expressions that might be elicited. I can see that you just might trip
the trigger for any student who had a close personal experience with this
kind of fear and pain.
Another thought.....would the art therapy world be a place where
you could find information helpful to you in this assignment?
Good luck on your search. I will be watching to see if there are
any further comments on the subject. Sharolyn Benfell