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Re: December

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Sat, 21 Nov 1998 15:43:51 EST

I'm not worrying about Christmas.For a Christmas gift: My 6th graders are
doing calligraphy, learning letter formation, uniformity, spacing, centering,
border measurement, combined line (alternate drawings of their choice in the
border) The lettering content choice is free choice, but I put out copies of
verses about Moms (with the authors).
They choose the size paper they want (if they like calligraphy, they choose
12x18) I made guidelines on the computer on paper that they used to practice
on. They then use the guidelines under the sulfite paper for their final copy.
I demonstrate on the overhead, collect their practice letters, highlight all
their well formed letters. They are to compare the unhighlighted letters with
the calligraphy handouts to improve. I demo in small groups for those in need
of more help.
I have them tape their practice sheet to the desk to keep it straight, and
emphasize holding the pen at an angle to get the THICK AND THIN line in each
letter. I tell them upfront this is really going to be hard, and they will
get frustrated. When they catch on on day 2, they are thrilled and boast how
easy it is.
If they are not that interested, they write their name, and use the thesaurus
and spellmaster to describe themselves.
The permanent calligraphy pens are from a catalog. For distribution, I use a
rubber marker caddy with 30 holes in it. They want to buy their own pen now,
so I am going to help them find a local source or order for them.

Ornaments: The kids cut a shape out of heavy acetate, cover it with torn
tissue paper, use mod podge for an adhesive and for gloss, punch a hole,
insert a pipe cleaner hook. Their choice could be a Christmas idea or any
organic shape. For kids who do not observe, they make free choice in whatever
media the class is using (for Halloween and Christmas)

I don't begin Christmas shopping until vacation. By then, I know what everyone
wants. Since I am pressured, I choose quickly. I get sales too. During the
year, I will pick up gifts if I see something that would be good for a person
on my list.
I have kids college age, they always take a lot back, so now I get the store
name, etc. I have given a car tire after a blowout (not the 1st blowout),
fraternity dues, ski club ski trip, airline ticket, clothes from Abercrombie &
Fitch for work (white oxford blouse, black stretch pants) which are good
quality and cool.
I don't bake cookies. I do decorate a lot because I like that. I do that the
day after Thanksgiving, to enjoy it for a month. I used to decorate every inch
of the house, not as much since I'm working.
For the meal, my mom, the hostess makes the main entree, the family guests
each bring 2 side dishes, h'ordeurve or dessert. I don't go crazy anymore
trying to make time consuming recipes. Sue