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Re: Wall Paintings

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kprs (KPRS)
Sat, 21 Nov 1998 09:43:13 -0500

Having done wall murals over the years here are my suggestions:

1. Do LOTS of thumbnails, and make sure you encorporate students, staff, PTA
and administration in the designing aspect. (if not, you will come to school
one year and it will be painted over...but if everyone has a stake in it, it
will survive longer).

2. Always, always have the final drawing approved (see #1 for reason)

3. Ask yourself and your kids this question: How are we unique, how can we make
a mural that if someone came from Mars and saw the mural that it would be
reflection of us in this particular time and space...make it directly related
to you and your community.

4. Avoid visual cliches, they become old quick, and again your hard work will
be painted over.

5. Be organized and schedule everything in advance..Figure out how much paint,
how much time it will take, and OVER estimate everything, especially the time.

6. And lastly, resist the temptation to paint it yourself...if you intend to
use kids, let them do it, if they take ownership of the project it won't get

San D

Peggy Wilson wrote:

> This is my first posting on the Arts network. I'm really interested in
> seeing how this works. FYI - I teach Art to 7th & 8th graders at a Middle
> School in southern Maine.
> I am introducing a new class to 8th graders titled 'Paint The Walls"
> This class will be taught in conjunction with the Tech.Ed. computer
> teacher. We would like to integrate computer images and art to create
> designs to be painted on the concrete block walls within our school. I
> would appreciated any advice, ideas, etc. on the best ways to accomplish
> this.