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ID.OSU: Life Centered Issue -Unisex Fashion

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Terrie Kim (kim.524"
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 20:49:19 -0500

Hi, I'm still working on my life centered issue.
This is what I have found so far.

My issue is how unisex fashion affects our society. It is definitely a
life centered issue because the clothing is one of three essential
elements for living. The clothing became more than protection, it showed
the personality, and sexuality. One of newest fashion categories is the
unisex style. Unisex fashion is clothing or fragrances that are intended
to be worn by males or females. The advertising of unisex fashion does
no harm to people who understand them, not because they are
"fashionable" or "the in thing" as in cases of Calvin Klein. I agree
that everyone is different in his or her own way and that everyone
should be united in some way. This only strengthens social fibers, as we
are all essentially the same people, human beings. Nothing is permanent,
not even gender as far as modern style goes.According to Ewen, "a sense
of rootedness or permanency is elusive in the world of style, and it is
perhaps this quality, more than any other, that locates style in the
modern world". (p23). The invisible aspects are: By dealing with
gender, they try to eliminate the gender. Also the advertisement shows
that the people still respond to your gender no matter how you dress.
Even if we look similar, we don't loose the attention to each other. So
is it really bad? How it affect the gender role in our society?

Ewen, S. (1988). All Consuming Images. New York. Basic Books.

Please give me any comments regarding my issue.
I'm also having hard time to finding more details of how artists
affected the unisex fashion.
Thank you.