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Re: Design Projects (fwd)

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George Martin Rex (grex)
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 15:59:29 +0500

*** Forwarded message, originally written by George Martin Rex on 18-Nov-98
On 18-Nov-98, Sarah Lohrius wrote:
>I work in the education program at the New York Foundation for the Arts
>and we are presently putting together an initiative with which we hope
>to promote the use of design in arts education and general educational
>situations. We are doing this by putting out both a print publication
>and a website which will incorporate both general advocacy material and
>examples of model design education programs.

>I am writing to all of you because you are the people
>who are actually affecting change in education every day. So, I am
>writing to request your input on a couple of fronts.

>First, I would love to hear about any really successful design projects
>you might have conducted in your classes.

>Second, I would really appreciate any general thoughts you might have on
>the benefits of design education and what design and design education
>really mean.

>Finally, any thoughts on how I can best sell design to educators, both
>art teachers and others. What points should I emphasize? Should I push
>the standards or should I speak in terms of developing life skills?

>Basically, I could really use your input.

>Thank you all in advance for your help and thank you for the many
>informative and entertaining tidbits that you've passed along already.



I tried to post this before but did not seem to get on.

"The Lemon Project"

Premise: The lemon is poorly designed.

Objectives: 1. Study the lemon to determine its charactics. 2. Draw the lemon uncut from several directions. Cut the lemon in half, quarters etc. and draw the internal structures. 3. In groups of 4 or five plan a redesign and advertising program for the "New Lemon" 4. The group will make papier mache versions of the redesign. Each student will make at least one model to show a. the whole b. half c. quarter d. ? perhaps the new branch, or stem,or leaf 5. The group will make posters etc. to promote their product

well you can take it from there, billboards, videos, skits I always tried to have a project like this for my art one group and did not repeat for at least two years. George Martin Rex

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