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ID: UA, Architecture and Ecology Activity

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Adam Arthur Hillier (ahillier)
Tue, 17 Nov 1998 16:03:28 -0700

My partner, Eric Johnson, has already sent a similar message across the
list-serve explaining our development of a series of Lessons on
Architecture and Ecology. Like him, I have developed another segment to
our lessons. It is focused upon criticism, and criteria.

Dividing the Room with Architecture

>From the lessons that have been previously developed, the students have
developed a strong sense of unifying architecture with its environment.
With this in mind, the students will be prepared to create a list of
criteria for successful integration of architecture into the

After forming a list of criteria, the students will examine a series of
slides. In the slides will be varying architecture that the students
will need to define as successful or unsuccessful. This is interactive,
so the students will actually walk to one side of the room or the other,
because one will be labeled successful and the other unsuccessful.
After they have made their claim, the students will have the opportunity
to share their reasons why. Remember to steer clear of debate, because
this is a discussion.

After using this activity for about eight slides, have the students
journal about the architecture. Be specific in what you want them to
journal. Ask them to provide an example of how their decision was
strengthened by somebody else’s comments, and an example of how their
decision changed. If neither occurred, ask them to journal about how
they could recognize the validity in somebody’s reasoning. Require
specific examples of the architecture and what was discussed.