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Re: Need some advice on career

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Tue, 17 Nov 1998 20:16:40 EST

Hi Matt. The first thing you need to do is find your period key on your
keyboard and quit using those dashes. Your message was one long sentence and
was quite difficult to read. Make sure not to do that on your college
applications! Next, I think that you have to really want to teach if you are
going to spend the time and energy to get certified, so if you aren't sure
then don't do it. I am a new teacher and went back for my certification seven
years after getting my BFA. In Michigan we are required to complete 18
credits during our probationary teaching period so we have to start working on
our master's. The problem is that most MFA and MA programs I have found
require full time year round enrollment. That means that teachers must go on
sabbatical or leave to get those degrees. There were a few that were over
three or four summers, but they are really expensive and far from home. I am
going to start working towards my Master's of Art Ed. this spring or next
fall and am looking forward to the studio classes required. Hope this helped.
I know the decisions can be tough, but it will get clearer the more time you
spend on it. Good Luck! Susan.

In a message dated 11/15/98 5:00:51 PM, Mattise writes:

<<To whomever may have some advice for me

My name is Matt, I am in the midst of contemplating the next move in my
life--career path I graduated from college almost three years ago with a
B.F.A. in Printmaking and Painting--I spent the year after graduation as a
volunteer through Americorp teaching high school art on the Navajo reservation
in St. Michaels, Arizona I was given a classroom made up my cirriculum as the
year went by it was one of the toughest things I have ever done but one of the
most rewarding by the time the year had ended--I came home and after so many
months was able to find a graphic design job--designing year book covers--I
have come to be very disillusioned by my job and miss my contact with the high
school kids--I had once befor e contemplated grad. school for printmaking to
go on further to teach on that level--but was unsure of it considering the
difficulty of finding university level jobs--job security--here I am again--my
plan is to quit my job at Christmas and take certification classes in January
for K-12 in the mean time apply to grad. school for the next fall if I can get
in--I could have my head start on the certification which I can always come
back to later--It is a tough decision because--at one time I enjoy high school
kids and like being a role model for them but at another instance I have
higher ideas in art I would really like to express with students on a college
level--grad. school is something at the very least I would like to attain as a
personal goal for myself yet at the same time what would it be like to get a
masters in art education so many intricate possibiites and as many things I
have done in the last so many years I just want to find the best path----Does
anyone have advise from there experience with make these similar decisions--I
am all ears--as I enter a very tough and crucial next two months--Please
respond thanks Matt D.>>

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