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Tue, 17 Nov 1998 17:40:07 EST

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Here are my revisions. Go ahead and make any more revisions to it that
you would like, edit my statement here out and send it on to the
artsednet listerserv, myself, and Elizabeth. Unless of course you don't
even want to use this puzzle. If you don't, I would be open to

Adam Hillier

Art Educators: Eric Johnson and Adam Hillier

Here is a thougt and discussion provoking puzzle that my partner and I
have created in relation to our lessons focussed upon Architecture and
Ecological design.

Sedona, Arizona is known for its beautiful red rock that surrounds
the city. The city has established specific ordinances for the
of new buildings so it won' disturb the appearances of the landscape. In
these ordinances (section 3.5 of their establish regualtions) it says
that "color is one of the most important and effective ways of
minimizing the visual impact of the built environment on the natural
environment". It also discourages the use of glossy or flourescent
colors and corporate signature color schemes. With these in mind,
McDonald's was not allowed to have its
identifying Golden Arches constructed in the city of Sedona because it
would clash with the environment.
McDonald's chose to sidestep the refusal to build by creating the
world's only teal arches, so it would compliment the natural
environment. .

If the buildings, and logos are made to match the landscape, should
one consider these designers to be
ecological artists for their designs, especially if they are working in
the limits of the ordinances and still create new and innovative
buildings? Could one go as far to say that the construction men and
women are the assistants to the architects that we considered ecological
After all, they are a necessary part to the implementation of the
This scenario was a commercial building. How would our definition of
ecological artist change if we were discussing residential architects?
What if the residential architect's color scheme was an important part
of his design, and it didn't agree with Sedona's ordinances?