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Re: Cave paintings

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lindacharlie (lindacharlie)
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 21:30:20 -0500

DESIGN18 wrote:
> Any suggestions on cave paintings projects for elementary age children?

Explore painting with "paints" from nature like berry juices, ground dry
clays or limestone, etc. mixed with egg yolk or vegetable oil. Make
paint brushes out of twigs, pine needles, pieces of fur...

For upper el, find a supply of smooth stones about the size of a
flattened lemon, 1 for each kid. Rub brown chalk into the surface on the
flattest side. Paint an animal or figure cave art style on top of the
chalk using black acrylic paint with q-tips. Outline the chalk area with
black paint too.

A nice lower el lesson is based on the native American rock art figures
of the southwest and west, especially the patterns used. For the
production have the kids cut rectangle-ish shapes for bodies of figures
from brown paper bags or scrap card board. I like to keep them large
..around 10"x16" or so. "Found object print" patterns on the bodies
(after the patterns on figures in the rock paintings). Use black
construction paper to cut heads and stick-like arms legs, fingers, feet,
hair and glue to bodies. To display these in the hall, I made a giant
"rock face" by texture painting on brown roll paper. I painted some
Indian-style figures at the top and the words "Rock Art Rocks!" -
attached the kids figures to the "rock".
Linda in Michigan

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