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Fwd: Senufo Mud Cloths, etc.

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Sun, 15 Nov 1998 14:00:16 EST

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Did y'all get my message last week? I didn't get any responses so I'm
wondering if it went through... I asked for any ideas on Senufo Mud Cloths
and I contributed my idea on small machines connecting with John Glenn's
flight and Da Vinci's inventions and artistry.
Love to hear more comments! Thanks, all!

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Subject: Senufo Mud Cloths
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 20:21:17 EST
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Hi, Folks--
Anyone having trouble sending mail this week? I had a few problems this week.
Maybe it was the weather. Anyway--hope this gets to all of you--I was
wondering if any of you have a real CHEAP (low budget) and SIMPLE (wild kids)
lesson on Senufo Mud Cloth. (Grades 1-4) I know that the Africans paint with
mud, but I wouldn't give my students mud or black paint on a dare. I
permitted a so-called "good" class paint last week, and they painted....the
floors, the chairs, the tables, Me, each other, etc. etc. Magic markers are
out too. It's not permitted in our school because of the graffiti. I know
that narrows things down a bit, but someone must have some brainstorm for me
!! Thanks in advance!
By the way, this week, I integrated Glenn's flight, Da VInci's inventions, and
art. I discussed how da Vinci was a great painter and an inventor, so I had
the students design their own inventions and I called this lesson
" make life easier."
Materials: pencils, white paper, crayons. I even had them "act" out what it
was like to be in a rocket ship (before they created invention on paper)--I
like using a little bit of drama activities with my lessons. They did a
terrific job, and loved being inventors. (Grades 1, 2) It was nice to
connect Rocket Science (Glenn), art, science, mechanical engineering all in
one lesson!
Looking forward to hearing from you!!!