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Re: How to deal with irrate parents??

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 13:19:55 -0500

Christine Merriam wrote:
>I had a visit Tuesday from the Assistant Superintendent because a >parent claims I am teaching witchcraft and pornography. This parent is >a preacher in a very conservative Christian church. I guess his >daughter chose to put horns on a paper mask we made the week of >Halloween. In my presentation, I show them how to make a basic mask >form, then, I tell the students, they are now in charge of what they >add to their masks.

I get frustrated being in a christian school because we are not even
allowed to have halloween, no skulls,bones and I'm part Mexican so I
have lots of this in my house at home. My kids are exposed to lots
of culture from all over the world. It saddens me to have parents
put the seed of fear into every artistic expression of their child.
Why can't they just let the kids explore and be happy they are
learning various techniques and methods in teaching.It just seems
either parents are apathetic and don't care what their kids are
doing or overly sensitive to demonic interpretations of outsiders.
What is the deal???
>My principal felt that it is best not to get into a confrontation with >this kind of thinking, and she communicated to the parent that she
> respected his beliefs. She did support my teaching and my curriculum. >So far, I feel the administration is behind me.
> Christine Merriam
Let's hope that they still support you when things get heated. It's
great to have someone who doesn't cave in on aggressive parents.