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RE: Essential Teacher Tool Kit?

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Sears, Ellen (
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 11:46:47 -0500

What, no chocolate?

My own parking space, close to the door so that when I unload all of the
donated/purchased items out of the van... it's right there...
or a drop off area with student volunteers to carry it all to the room...

Time to go get donated/purchased items...

Sources for donated items...

Bread rack (donated by grocery store or restaurant) great shelves for
drying projects, wheels, sturdy,
Bread 'shelves' separate units that can be stacked...

Classroom set of pliers

A sink that drains

film, camera and money for processing

old towels (must remember to check the pool's lost and found at the end of
the summer...)

Styrofoam trays (large one from hospitals, ER or OR?)

Good brushes

subscription to Smithsonian...

Must have - 'PARAFILM' M... laboratory film. (American National Can,
Greenwhich CT 06836) from my school's science lab. Thin wax on a roll, cut
to size (the one I use is 2" inches wide, I cut it to 2" long)... Carefully
stretch over the container you need sealed (I use it on baby food jars with
paint... it seals until the next class)... then toss. It stretches pretty

A staff with a good sense of humor... then have a common lunch time...

And Alix - I found a source for small drawing boards/clip boards. A parent
dropped off old wallpaper books. I cut the pages out for collages, book
covers etc., and instead of throwing out the covers, I trimmed them. Good
size and very sturdy.


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> From: Alix E. Peshette
> Sent: Friday, November 13, 1998 1:00 AM
> Subject: Essential Teacher Tool Kit?
> Hi All,
> I would like to suggest a new topic for discussion; the essential
> teacher tool kit! This can be anything from needed (but not school-
> provided) minor tools and equipment to comfort items, food, objects,
> etc. What have you found to be not only useful, but sometimes
> essential during the school day? (I'm not counting the cot,
> refrigerator, microwave, foot massager and CD player that we all
> could use in our classrooms ;-) )
> To start things off, I would like to offer the following as
> essentials in my art and social studies classroom:
> Instructional stuff:
> monofilament fish line (for hanging things invisibly)
> a white sheet (instant slide screen)
> small set of computer tools like screw drivers, etc.
> WD-40
> clear packing tape, duct tape, masking tape (you never know...)
> address labels with my name and the school's address
> extra postage stamps
> plastic zip lock bags (storing student work)
> tons of brown lunch bags (storing more student work)
> wooden clothes pins (to hold things while they are being glued
> together)
> cheap hot glue guns (right up there with duct tape as deities)
> a homemade wooden door stop (for keeping my classroom door open on a
> nice day)
> extra clipboards (so that students can have a writing surface when
> working on the rug or doing odd clerical jobs for me)
> a hot-air popcorn maker and a ton of cheap popcorn (for a class
> treat)
> extension cords and surge protectors (what classroom has enough
> electrical outlets?)
> Comfort items:
> nail clippers, hand lotion, lip salve, antacid, aspirin, band-aids,
> cough drops, kleenex, plastic silverware, instant soup, instant hot
> chocolate, a bag of fat free pretzels (great for quick student
> bribes), a sense of humor and the up-coming holidays marked on my
> personal calendar.
> Please add to this list and share your collective wisdom!
> Thanks,
> Alix Peshette
> Emerson Junior High School