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essintials list(things that made my life easier)

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Sharon Henneborn (heneborn)
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 11:04:19 -0600

essintials list(things that made my life easier):
Thanks for posting Pat said there are those things you kick
yourself for not thinking of sooner. with the list we don't have to
think of all by ourself...

*a sports bottle for water especially if you are on a cart. Squeeze a
little on paper towel goes a long way
* one more sports bottle for YOU to drink. Being on the run you may
not take the time to drink enough
*Old tennis balls to put on the legs of student chairs and stools to cut
down on the scraping noise.
* binder and bulldog clips to hold gluey stuff and sculpture pieces
while making decisions about position
*Zip lock bags for everything. I use heavy duty freezer ones...Keeps
sets of markers together and they don't dry out even if caps are left
off. Makes looking for drawer stuff much easier because like things are
together and don't have to open boxes to look. Good for portion control
and keeping SETS together
*box of used envelopes. Kids put their small treasures and cut pieces
for storage and clip into portfolio for safe keeping. easy to transport
tiny treasures going home.
*Double stick tape for me
*Grocery bags paper & plastic...for carrying home big treasures and
keeping unfinished projects together parents are glad to keep me
*Pizza box cardboard --easier for small hands to cut than regular
corregated boxes --allows for finer detail cutting and is very strong.
*I found a needle threader that I will not be without. Pearl Paint
catalog... It is 4 inches long, 2 thin strands of surgicalm steel
joined at both ends. push on the ends and it bows open. Rope, yarn and
thread will pass through easily and snapped closed it will pass through
the smallest needle.
*A minute timer set to ring "five minutes working time remaining"
Transition to cleanup is not so abrupt

***This is fun ..keep them coming!