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Re: beauty

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Thu, 12 Nov 1998 18:31:12 EST

In a message dated 11/11/98 11:28:59 PM, marciameaton wrote:

<<How can we be sure that

our students who study what they initially found ugly and then come to

consider them beautiful are not simply being sentimental? I think that we

have to listen to what they say about the works. Do they point to

properties in the work that they did not see at all initially? If so, I

think this is evidence that they really are responding aesthetically. What

other clues are there? Marcia


Marcia et. al.
Just as there are many definitions to Beauty with varied criteria, I think
that something can be beautiful in form, beautiful in intent, beautiful in
technique, beautiful meaning, beautiful as pleasing, beautiful as authentic,
beautiful as sincere, beautiful as inspirational, beautiful in truth,
beautiful in honesty, and on and on. We might find beauty where we first did
not because we begin to look deeper. Have you ever known someone who was
physically very unattractive but their spirit and humanity made you believe
them to be one of the most "beautiful" people you had ever known. It is a
deeper knowledge and not surface or superficial.
Debi B-H