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Re: A past question...

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Pat Bainbridge (pat_bainbridge)
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 08:55:59 PST

Works for me _ I say those that want to learn deserve my attention -
also rewards good behavior the kid in the hall no doubt wnted ALL the

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>A little over a week ago, this appeared over the list-serv. I just now
>had the opportunity to read through some of the responses, and want to
>respond even though it was a while back.
>BluesTruth wrote:
> O.K. everyone--
> Here you are in your classroom, o.k...and one smart aleck kid says ,"I
> have to do what you say!" What do you teachers say to that kid?
>Well, I first want to get out there that you must keep your cool.
>Embarrassing yourself or the child will only be extending wasted
>energies. In the same note, you are the one that needs to have the
>control of the situation, not the student. It is a part of managing a
>If the student insists on having the argument, don't just immediately
>send him to the office for someone else to have the argument. Instead,
>remove him from the classroom by asking him to sit quietly in the hall,
>with the assurance that you will speak to him in a moment.
>After continuing the lesson and getting the rest of the classroom
>started, step out to the student while also keeping an eye on the
>THis takes some practice of course, and juggling, but it can be done.
>I must insist on rationalizing with the student. Some of the other
>responses alluded to this, but never quite said it. Children can be
>rationalized with, it may be on simpler terms, but you must start now,
>otherwise they won't be able to rationalize later in life. Talk to the
>student, express the options, and ask if he wants to be a positive part
>of the class, or a negative one? I agree with the idea that he has
>choices, it is the positive choice that you want him to see.
>It is at this point that if he is not ready to behave in the classroom
>that you need to send him to the office. You still have a whole class
>that needs your attention!

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