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Re: time to be an artist

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Pat Bainbridge (pat_bainbridge)
Sun, 08 Nov 1998 10:18:24 PST

Hi I consider myself an artist ,teacher ,mother ,wife,friend,daughter
,sister...Women have such complicated lives ...My latest passion is
dressage -the fine art of horsemanship and classical riding. I own six
horses...board another 6 to pay for mines keep/ I renew with this hobby
-my horses take many hours of the day /I always create new examples for
my students art demonstrations. I love to color! I show each class the
processes....through my examples-finish them or later give to students
to finish and keep. I paint or sculpt alot when I do my license renewal
/ Then I have a show /sell or just change my house decor with the work.
I used to NEED to do more art work. now with the horses,new husband(of 7
years)I love working with k-5 kids great room - good priciple- I don't
do much in my personal life I don't want to do !!not enough time for
what I want to do...I'm a pretty happy camper....being 40 somthing helps
too- you better understand balance in your life by then or your not
getting better -only older!

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>20 years of teaching has taught me this:
> 1. I am STILL an artist, even if I don't produce visual art.
> 2. Teaching is my art.
> 3. Diversify your art. I now work in poetry (portable art on slips
>of paper) and theater (costuming, puppets and acting)--art that is also
>portable, and with specific deadlines, forcing me to use all the little
>'breaks' in life..for memorization, sewing, handwork etc.
>My "new art" has taken me to greater levels than I have imagined, and
>am no less an 'artist'.
>My colleagues and I over the years have discussed how to find the time
>to do art, with careers and families. The female art teachers in the
>group have always had a tougher time justifing taking 'time' to do the
>work, when there are so many 'maintenance' tasks to be done in life
>(cleaning, cooking etc---my way has been to run a messier house and let
>things slide). For a couple of years we actually rented a room in a
>local highschool and ran our own adult school for art teachers...where
>we set our own goals and made art, discussed art etc...a sort of Oprah
>Winfrey Art Club for burnt out art teachers wanting to create.
>One of my colleagues took over a room from her college bound daughter
>and set up a time commitment to work in there...and has resumed her
>and has consequently won government grants because her work (while
>actually postponed because of family and career) came 'back' much
>and more poignant than before.
>As with all things in life, prioritization is important, AND shuffling
>things around to make the important rise to the top is always tough,
>full of guilt...what I had to do is remind myself that it is my need to
>express ( and the truths therein) myself that is most important, and
>vehicle for that expression is limitless...whether painting, pottery,
>poetry or puppets. Once I made that realization, the rest was easy....
>San D

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