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Fri, 6 Nov 1998 00:34:11 EST

we will use the piece "overall quilt" for this lesson with second graders :


1. Why did the artist choose different colors and materials for the

2. Why do you think that the artist chose material from overalls?

3. What do you think this artwork is about?

puzzle dealing with our theme of recylced art: (also to be used with 2nd

An artist uses leftover paper products (napkins, paper cups, paper plates,
etc.) from a fast food restaurant that went out of business, and builds a
magnificent 6ft. sculpture. The piece wins $1000 prize in an art show. A
fire starts in the gallery and the sculpture burns, becoming a 3ft. piece with
scorched edges. If the artist build it again, would it be just as good as the
first one since he had to use different materials? would it be the same

in response to your questions after the first posting:

yes, each artwork is from recycled goods. Each piece makes some "good" out of
something "bad." this shows that conservation can be something more than
recycling soda pop cans. the message is simple while helping to save the
planet from overloaded landfills. this will also discuss the basic principles
of design, line, balance, shape, etc. the art project will consist of using
scrap paper to make new paper, in various colors and then make patchwork art
works, like a landscape or design.

Heidi Faith
Janine Manemann
Joshua Wilson