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Re: Art Budgets

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gjmoore (gjmoore)
Thu, 5 Nov 1998 23:44:42 -0500

I'm back on the list after being off for a short time, and I can tell I've
missed alot! I tried to go back through and catch up, but realize that
would be impossible! I did sort through to find what has been said on the
subject of "budget". I'd also like to know the average dollar amount spent
per student, and what my state (NC) and NAEA recommends. My budget was cut
more than half for this year, and I can't imagine teaching on what I got.
It was cut from $14,00 to $650 for 700 students. HOWEVER...I've heard I'm
lucky...many don't get THAT much. I feel like I've been pushed out of my
little world and into the real one! Are there really teachers out there
who receive less? Does anyone have ideas on how to approach this to the
"higher-ups"? I don't usually like to rock the boat, and I've never
complained (out loud) but, I really feel like I have to take a stand on
this one! Not just for myself, because we'd all love to have an "art
fairy" to give us what our heart desires, but I don't think it's fair to
the students. I want them to have what other students have and be exposed
to as much as possible! My family was military and I know how wonderful it
was to have a great art room and I remember the different projects we did,
but I also know how it felt to have so little, including the disappointment
of finding that some schools didn't even have art! Well, I just didn't
even want to go to THAT school. That's why I feel so strongly about each
student getting as much as we can give them. I guess I'll be pulling a
little more out of my pocket this year.

Glenda Moore