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ID:UA re: ID topic from UBC from two weeks ago

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Gina C Tafoya (gct)
Thu, 5 Nov 1998 10:35:22 -0700 (MST)

I was scrolling through the artsdigest from long long ago (10/20)
and came up with a UBC query about a project dealing with identity.
I wanted to tap out a quick response b/c altho the issue is now old for
the listserv, it is an ongoing and extraordinarly present one for many of
us. As Public schools and colleges have become increasingly cognizant of
the imapact of social/economic and cultural backgrounds, students have
also become more sophisticated in their understanding of culture and
identity. Students at any level can do some manner of research into their
cultural background to find a variety of "folk art and craft" that is
relevant to their lives. Using what they find in a studio project to
create a personal iconography and design can be a very empowering
experience. I remember in grade school learning about coats of arms and
designing our own. How much more powerful if I had been encouraged to find
an archetypical image from my own culture, perhaps an eagle with a snake
in its mouth, to express my sense of identity. Gina Tafoya.