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Tue, 3 Nov 1998 14:14:46 EST

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In a message dated 11/2/98 8:17:10 PM Eastern Standard Time, owner-artsednet- writes:
Subject: Re: seeing/drawing window? >>
A few years back, (while home having babies) I taught drawing classes to
children who were home-schooled. I had nice, small classes of 4 or 5
students, ranging in ages. My 3 and then 4 year old daughter would "sit in"
on these instructional settings (the kitchen table! with a still life!) and I
realized at the end of most lessons, she had followed my directions! She
created some beautiful drawings, and listened to me instruct "draw what you
SEE" and continues to be a stand-out with her drawing capabilities to this
day. Her printing in First grade was amazing. I believe this "window"
exists, and intend to use lessons in drawing and "seeing" with Kindergarten,
First and Second Graders.
I love this string of ideas!