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Re: Wong, art on a cart and paying dues

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Sun, 1 Nov 1998 17:34:43 EST

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<< Dear Sue, Who is Wong, and how many classes do you have a day? You must
be very young to have no time at all between classes. Don't the teachers
on each end of the schedule feel short-canged? I remember sooo well having
art on a cant (actually boxes) going between 3 sets of stairs a day.
Hopefully you will have paid your dues and are able to get an art room at
some time. Kathy Black
Harry K. Wong is the author of "The First Days of School" book. I was posting
to a teacher in Michigan who heard him speak in person. I love his book. Our
district had a 2 week teacher induction based upon his method.
I have 6 classes a day. The teachers do feel shortchanged. I am new to the
district. No school in the district has minutes between classes in K-6.

I taught for 6 yrs, until 1976, and then I quit teaching when I had kids. I
had a great job with an artroom. No one in that administration is still with
that district now. I have super references, but the references are old. It's a
sought after suburb, no jobs open up there, if they ever do, there are 100's
of applicants.

I went back to teaching, as a sub in 1995, and took lots of courses and got
all A's and loved the classes. I go to art museums all over, go to art
conventions, art is my passion.
In 1996, I got a job in the Catholic schools, in 3 schools, in 3 towns (far
apart and far from home), full time, to get back in the classroom. I worked
10-11 hours a day. I stayed 2 years, got super references, then I sent out
resumes, looking for 1 school, full time. I got 8 combined offers in various
Catholic schools and 1 in a public school. I took the public school offer
because it was at ONE school and much more pay. I knew what I was getting into
with a cart, but when you live it, it becomes reality.
At my last job, in 3 schools, I made my car my storeroom. I hated loading and
unloading my car. I also had 3 art shows, fairs, open houses..... for each

My new district has 15 art teachers, no classrooms for K-6 art. The district
built 2 new schools to cut class sizes down from 40. There are 2 new K-6 art
rooms, those positions were like gold. Even the art chairman over the 15 art
teachers, who has been in the district 30 years and has a masters + 60, does
art on a cart in K-6.
Jr High teachers get a room, but they have 4 schools, stay 1 quarter at each
At my school, the Jr High artroom is called the dungeon, in the basement with
no windows and damp. My school has 2 mobiles also.
I love teaching and am driven and dedicated. I am hoping to prove myself. I
have outside interests, I play tennis 3X a week and snow ski. I catch up with
lessons on the weekends, I go to bed early during the week, take vitamins,
listen to audio tapes in the car. During the summer, I play tennis 7X a week
and roller blade. I refuse to get old. (I do a bit of hair coloring and eye
lifts.) My kids are in college. I stay at school from 7:00am until 5:00, 6:00,
or 7:00 pm, and my commute is an hour. My husband does all the work at home,
he has his own business, so gets home early.
Where are you from? What's your job like? Sue