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kprs (kprs)
Fri, 28 Nov 1997 15:41:28 -0800

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About 4 times a year, we have cleaning day in the art room. What that
means is that I make slips of paper with a job on it (one for each kid
in the class, and class related, i.e. the ceramics kids clean "ceramics"
things), I cut them up, and then stand on my desk, hat in hand with the
slips of paper in it. Kids have been instructed the day before of
"cleaning day" and they are told not to wear white....they come in the
class, usually with fingers crossed mummering "please, I hope I don't
get the sink", and reach into the hat and pull out their "job"...and
then they spend all period cleaning that one particular area. The areas
run the gamit from cleaning 4 chairs, to the fronts of cabinets, to
organizing the temperas, washing brushes, etc. By the time 5 periods of
art kids pass through the day, I end up with one clean art room. No one
complains (generally)because it is treated like some sort of lotto, and
they can't "blame" anyone...also, they hear me saying "since I don't nag
you during the year, consider this the one big NAG day". The atmosphere
borders on "frantic" because everyone wants to get their "job" done, and
at the completition of their job, they hand back their slip of paper
with their name on the back, so I know who did what. It has become a
tradition in our school, and I wish I could just get a bus, bring them
all to my house, and have them do the same there!

San D

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