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Re: art games - ARTGO

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Fri, 28 Nov 1997 10:25:55 -0500 (EST)

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I named my game ARTGO.

Each ARTGO card has the name across the top and 25 boxes under it in a 5x5
The center box is labeled "free space" (this is my ARTGO blank).

I made a list of about 35 different art terms, and with many of them I
created a picture that illustrates the concept, since I printed multiple
copies on my computer I was limited in the picture department by what I could
come up with on my computer. The vocabulary I used was (off the top of my

primary colors, secondary colors, symmectrical, asymmectrical, landscape,
city scape, seascape, texture, complementary colors, hot colors, cool
colors, square, circle, rectangle, triangle,.... red, blue, orange, yellow,
green...., organic shapes, geometric shapes.... you get the idea.... I
printed these words up with their pictures on a grid the same size as the
cards, I printed many copies and then cut them into small squares and glued
them randomly onto the "ARTGO blank". I than glued these onto construction
paper and laminated them. I also added shiny art stickers to all the free
spaces for added color. I have a color printer so some of the pictures were
in color which makes the game card more appealing.

I also laminated a copy of the 35 different pictures, cut them up and put
them in a zip-lock - I pick them out of the bag randomly, and call them, then
the kids mark them with the paper squares. We usually play 'five in a row',
but you can do 'four corners' or whatever, the first ot get it says "ARTGO".
I chech their card to make sure there were no mistakes. The winner gets a
prize (stickers, balloons, old toys I cleaned out of my son's room....)

I laminated colored construction paper and cut it into small squares for
markers on the card. Each kid gets a handful at the beginning of the game.

I used a variety of easy to more challenging words so I can use it in many
grade levels - I've used it in grades 2 - 5. I have many bilingual kids so
it is a great chance for them to hear words and begin to recognize them

In BINGO you call the letter and a number, in my game the things are all
mixed up, and each card is different so the kids have to search for it.
Every card doesn't have every word.

Sorry if this explanation is too choppy, if you have any questions just ask.
I played ARTGO with all of my classes the last week of school last year so I
could get everything else put away. I also use it to review before a test.

It took me HOURS to put it all together, but has been well worth it. I hope
it will last years. Hope this helps! Let me know if you adapt the idea for
yourself, I'd like to hear other variations on this theme.

:) Laura

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