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Re:VAEC's need for specialized links(URLS);bibliographical materials/citations.

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Sidnie Miller (
Tue, 25 Nov 1997 20:23:58 -0800 (PST)

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Dear John--sounds like you have a little money making idea at our
expense--I guess I resent that. Sid

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On Mon, 24 Nov 1997 john.gilinsky wrote:

> Hi there! I know that my friendly brief introduction will get everyone
> jumping up and up in rousing responsse to my requests for assistance and
> information in helping others. If you consult or view VAEC's current
> pages you will see that we wish to reach as wide but still serious
> audience as possible whether they be student,teacher,administrator or
> anyone interested in visual arts.
> One of my greatest weaknesses currently(besides fondnesses for
> chocolate,pizza,icecream...)with VAEC's pages lies with the SECONDARY
> SCHOOL's PAGE. WHY you ask(and I know that you are all asking this right
> now without even thinking of pressing that dreadfully deadly dull keyboard
> key: D)? Amongst other reasons are my personal and professional
> interests in teaching controversial issues which I certainly favour in
> fact in all grades. Visual art is emeshed in this concern.
> Question 1: Where can I consult a superb list(s) of specific teaching
> controversial issues related to or dealt by visual arts education and
> educators?
> Q.2: Where can I obtain the greatest quotations,funny stories,person
> interest stories from,in,above,around or having nothing to do with the
> classroom related to teaching controversial issues related to visual arts?
> Q.3: Where can I access specific activities/lessons that are
> emeshed(smothered with chocolate?)in teaching controversial issues that
> consciously and effectively tackle any concerns/problems/issues
> surrounding such content,method,approaches within visual arts
> controversial issue activities/lessons?
> Q.4: What are the "state of the arts" in contemporary educational
> philosophies regarding issues that are part of or constitute teaching
> controversial issues within visual arts education? Who are the better,best
> authors,educators,philosophers to consult and use in these issues?
> Q.5: Where can I get handy right to the point tips for a survivalist's
> guide for visual art teachers in an indifferent,non-supportive or overtly
> hostile anti-visual arts learning/teaching environments? I know that a
> listmember wrote a book for secondary teachers and that the NAEA has some
> very good stuff. As well some regional/local and smaller national arts
> advocacy groups have some usefull materials. Problems they are all
> scattered and visual arts are often tacked on,given short shrift and not
> seen to be able to stand alone WITHIN THE ARTS! (Sorry for this atypical
> intemperate outburst I shall only draw/paint mental images from now on!).
> I am looking for down to earth,specific,practical advice,tips,ideas and
> strategies for visual arts educators or anyone who wishes the visual arts
> to be viable or sustainable within overall educational
> systems:public,private,religious,vocational,special
> educational,state,.....
> I hope that all those kind souls(okay a few die hard lovers)will respond
> both directly and/or to this list with URLs,contacts,email,bibliographical
> citations,articles,editorials,school policies,.....
> Please do NOT forget the formal stuff: School board/authority
> policies,curriculums(the Kennedy Center has a superb linkage to state art
> curriculums),INDIVIDUAL SCHOOL
> they specificially deal with visual arts.
> I know that I have asked for a lot but just think: it is better to give
> than receive!(wonder where that came from?):0)). Full
> acknowledgement/credit(s) given upon contributor(s) request OR
> non-source disclosure at sole discretion of contributors if you so please!
> Come on! Lets show those science,math,music(yes music)teachers,school
> administrators,parents,students(yes students),journalists,observers that
> visual arts teachers are organized,well spoken,articulate(and
> verbose:0)and are nice reasonable paper(outside of their studios of
> course)!
> Tx all,
> John Gilinsky

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