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harsh criticism

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bryan (rekcets)
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 23:32:41 -0800

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I agree with you!!!!! I also have felt uncomfortable recently about
sharing ideas. When I saw the posting for Halloween ideas I knew I had
some ideas, but wasn't going to subject myself to the potential
ridicule. We should be here to assist, support and build each other.
What did Joan accomplish. Her negative and critical comments was
clearly a putdown which is something I do not tolerate in my classroom
and I don't expect to find among professionals. When we share ideas the
people reading can use them or not, but what is the purpose of
criticizing the ideas. Sandra posted an idea in hopes of helping
someone. She did not ask for a professional critique of the lesson. I
have enjoyed this listserv and have learned a lot. Let's keep it

A clay project I've done is to make terracotta pumpkins. I have
students make 2 pinch pots (make them small as larger ones are hard to
manage) and stuff each side with newspaper. Then, score and slip the
edges and put them together. Add a amall coil of clay to fill in the
waist! Smooth the clay, shape your pumpkin (tall and thin or real
rounded)(the ball will respond to shaping because of the air pressure
caused by sealing the two sides). Add a short coil of clay for the stem
(use a toothbrush to create a texture and then hold the bottom of the
stem and turn the other side -the clay will twist nicely) (score and
slip it to the pumpkin) Let these sit and dry a little (perhaps one day,
but watch them) Then, carve eyes nose and mouth. Always start with the
mouth so you'll have room for the nose and eyes OR add eyes nose and
mouth on the clay. Remember, if you don't carve the face then put a
hole in the bottom to allow the air to escape or the pumpkin will
explode in the kiln. Fire once to ^06 - the paper will burn up.

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