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Re: Life Drawing+Thanks

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Eric Utech (
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 10:46:27 -0600

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Thank you all who sent suggestions regarding my research project. I guess
what I'm after is some sort of reference that suggests that the act of
investing oneself in answering reflective questions about an issue (the
issue for my school's staff is the importance of art education) causes one
to become invested in the issue itself. The survey that I sent to the
staff caused them to reflect about how art ed should be a priority, and I
beleive that it will make them more defensive and supportive of the program
at their school. Now I just need to prove that I'm not just making that
up, that it's really true...

But about this nude models and under-18 artist thing:
I was given a scholarship at age 16 to attend a life-drawing course
at a local community arts center. Mom and Dad thought it was great. The
instructor was given a tax break, and I was given art experience that I
would not have had for two more years. As I was half the age of anyone
else in the class, I certainly did my best to act appropriatly. As for
damage to my psyche, well, I doubt that the experience had any effect on my
by-then already established sexual proclivities.
That said, I think that you might want to try, in some way,
scholarship or otherwise, to attract "serious" artists, rather than
16-year-old voyeurs. But then again, I must say, now that I'm 30, and a
"serious" artist, I rather like a bit of voyeurism in my life. I mean, how
can something like visually describing the nude body be completely void of
a tad of voyeurism? Drawing naked people is fun, and educational, for
about 50 different reasons, but an opportunity that gifted artists should
not miss out on just because they havn't circumnavigated the sun enough
times to satisfy some administrative Bozo.

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