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Re: Re: Baggy pants, symbols

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Wed, 19 Nov 1997 19:49:05 -0800 (PST)

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I have counseled adjudicated youth for almost four years now, and it is amazing to see the struggle each youth will have in finding ways to manipulate our dress code. We, too, ban sagging jeans, and various brands that are indicative of the gang each wants to represent. Just a few heads up from my experience: those nylon jogging pants are a gang favorite. Watch out for one or both pantlegs pulled up to at least mid-calve. Watch the colors: black, red, and blue are more than just fashion statements. There are many subsets of gangs that will represent with other colors, such as purple and green, as well as yellow. Watch baseball caps and starter jackets: Reeboks- "Respect Each and Every Blood, OK;" Chiefs- "Crips Hated In Every F***ing State;" Bulls- "Bloods Ultimately Live Longer;" Pirates- "Piru" or "People;" 49'ers- "ERS," "Erickets (derogatory term for Crips) Running Scared;" Calvin Klein- "Crip Killer"; Adidas- "All Day I Disrespect All Slobs (derog. for Bloods); British Knights- "Blood Killer;" K-Swiss- "Kill SLobs When I See Slobs;" Hoyas - "Hoova On Your A**;" Cowboys- "Crippin Out West, Bangin On You Slobs;" North Carolina- "Neighborhood Crips;" Colorado Rockies- "Crips Rule;" Saints- "Slobs AINT Sh*t;" Detroit- "Disciples;" and Converse- "People Nation, 5 Point Star;" are just a few. Watch out for art class representation. Alien Heads are anti-semitic in nature, swasticas, pentagrams, are also a red flag for cult activity. Dollar Signs, letters written in reverse, upside down, or with lines and symbols drawn through letters are gang-related and should be removed. These are territorial markings to identify who is owning that "turf." I hope that I have been of any help to someone.
Lori Martin

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