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cindy lundy (clundy)
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 17:16:47 -0700 (MST)

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Aesthetic puzzle:
Our group is working on an aesthetic puzzle/activity as part of our
Arcosanti lesson plan. Our target grade is first grade.

After describing and showing pictures of the buildings of Arcosanti and how
different living and working spaces are arranged, students will engage in
the following puzzle:

Imagine the United States is building a city on Mars. A dome has been
built to create a city for the people in which they can survive. Your
mission is to plan out a city by making a model. With a group of four or
five people, you are responsible for arranging all living and working
spaces within the dome. (The dome will be represented by a three-foot
circle of tape on the floor.) Each group will get a set of color-coded
blocks to represent different spaces. Some spaces will represent where
people live, work, and play. Other spaces will represent hospitals,
police, and park areas. All types of buidings that are found in a typical
city will be represented. The arrangements of blocks are left to the group
to decide. For example, a living space could be placed on top of a grocery
store with a work area on top of the living space. Your group will have to
explain why they put the blocks where they did.

The idea is to encourage creative arangements of a city, as well as spacial
concepts, colors, and numbers. Teacher will give verbal intruction
explaining the child's mission in building a city.

We would appreciate any suggestions or comments.

Mark, Erin, Gina and Cindy.

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