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A&E.O/Inner and Outer Self

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diane medve (medve.2)
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 10:40:18 -0500

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I am in Don Krug's A.E. 605 class at OSU and am doing my final paper on
"Children & Depression in Today's Society" and have come up with a unit
of lessons related to the subject somewhat. The unit is called "My
Inner and Outer Self" and deals with the expression of children's
feelings through learning about the Yoruba Tribe of Nigeria and how they
view life, then having third graders make two masks: one of the outer
self and one of the inner self. The lesson is related in that it shows
children that any feelings/emotions they may experience are acceptable.
Lesson 1(Day 1): I will talk to the students about the Youruba Tribe of
Nigeria and how they view life and the feelings associated with how they
view different aspects of their life, then the students will discuss and
write three sentences expressing their views on the different aspects of
their life. This lesson will teach them to communicate with one
another, expressing different types of feelings, after learning about an
African tribe's views on life.
Lesson 2(Day 2): This lesson will consist of looking at different types
of masks from the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria (to see the different types of
emotions they express), then having them make a mask of their outer self
(hair, eyes, ears, etc.....physical appearances in general). The mask
will be made out of styrofoam meat trays and will be decorated with
markers (permanent,non-toxic), beads and yarn or any personal things
they might want to bring in that expresses themselves as individuals.
The yarn will be connected by putting hole punches in the trays, then
threading the yarn through them. This lesson will help children to
recognize physical appearances of peers and how they view themselves and
also help them to learn to share supplies and work together as a group
when sharing.
Lesson 3(Day 3): This lesson will be basically the same as lesson 2
with one main difference: they will make an inner mask of themselves.
This can be some physical appearances, but mainly it should show how
children express themselves through feelings/emotions. After children
are finished with their projects, they will go around the room and
discuss why they made the inner self look the way they did. They don't
have to, though, if they don't want to. This lesson will teach children
to respect each other's feelings by seeing what others feel like on the
inside, and that they may have similar feelings/emotions as their
peers.. The children will learn what that saying means "you can't judge
a book by its' cover", meaning everyone feels different and no matter
how they feel, any of these feelings are acceptable.

I know this may seem like a long unit, but you have to remember it is a
unit of three lessons. If anyone has any input on my unit, I'd
appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Diane Medve--Ohio State University

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