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a&e.o - Individuality/Personality

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Justy Elizabeth Palmer (palmer.179)
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 11:02:15 -0400

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If anyone has information on Individuality or Personality please let me
know. Please see a short lesson plan below:

Lesson Title: What Makes Me - Me?

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Idea: Help children identify their sense of self identity

Issue: What Makes Me - Me? Where do personalities come from? How do
they develop? Can they be changed? What are they affected by?

-The teacher will know about personality and the significance of
indivuality and will help children identify what makes them unique.

-Students will identify and talk about how to accept what's special and
different about themselves.
-Students will know what a characteristic is and what some of their
special characteristics are.
-Students will ultimately know more about themselves and other students.
-Students will know there is only 1 of them.

-The teacher will bring her "bag" of special characteristics and will
help the students begin thinking about their own. (This would also
indirectly serve as a getting to know each other type activity - for
students and teacher.)
-The students will talk about the characteristics that are special and
different from other classmates.
-Students will share their special characteristics with the class.

Once the children have identified "their" characteristics, I am
considering having them make their own "bag." I would individually
discuss these characteristics with each child and I would write them
down using marker on poster board for each child. The children could
decorate their bags with pictures from magazines or photos that are
important to them and then put their special characteristics inside -
maybe even have each child give a little presentation about themselves.
This "bag" would provide (hopefully) an idea to the children that all
their classmates are different from them, but that it's O.K.

I also considered telling a descriptive story (I'm not sure the subject
matter yet) and then have each child draw a picture about what they
remember. I would then display the pictures and have the children look
at the pictures. The pictures would all be differernt - just like we
are. Different students would draw different things. Differernt things
would be important to differernt students. Is this something the
children would pick up on?

If you have any helpful information or just comments please e-mail.
palmer.179. Thanks!

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