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A&E eco vs studio art

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Lynne Hull (ecoartHulll)
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 15:57:13 -0500

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Cathy and Elizabeth debate "convictions, motivations, intents, passions,
lifestyle choices" as differences between eco and studio art. I would
offer that many eco artists are seeing the way the current art
distribution system works, where traditional art forms have become
"comodities", more objects to support luxury consumer lifestyles in the
stew of cultural surplus. Since many of us see consumerism as one of the
driving forces behind environmental degradation, we refuse to participate.
Instead we turn to addressing the effects of the degradation. Exhibiting
documentation is the awkward way we cope with the only art system we have;
it seems to be the only way to amplify the gesture and get support for our
work. Unlike studio art getting the art itself viewed is not generally our
main objective; it just seems to be the only way we know of to survive.
I agree that all artists have passions, convictions and
motivations, although few are alike. If we didn't have those forces
running through us, along with a rampant, uncontrolable creativity, we
could not keep working in the art structure of this society. Oddly enough,
many urban studio artists and eco artists share a similar lifestyle,
although economics more than choice may dictate it!

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