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Re: Colouring In ..again!

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Fri, 14 Nov 97 11:08:45 CDT

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RE>>Colouring In ..again! 11/14/97
Clearly the role of an art teacher is to give students experiences in art
they have been lacking. But
you must also be aware of the inherent time factor which stifles any
instruction. Given a limited amount of time, each teacher can only cover an
equally limited amount of material. We all have to depend on our students to
bringing a certain amount of ability with them.
Consider for a moment your job. If you are in a managerial position, my
example should be painfully clear, otherwise I'm sure the rest of us can
empathize; we expect that our employees have certain skills or expreiences (from
simple literacy and math skills to competency in operating machinery or
whatever...). When our employees experiences are lacking, we have to back-up and
spend valuable time bringing our workforce up to our level of expectation.
Unfortunately, in the community I teach in (I expect it is not too
different your own), we have many at-risk students who do not have the
advantages of strong parental involvement in as much as their education is
involved. They may not be read to, helped with homework or given other
enrichment activities many of us take for granted.
I do not suggest that coloring in books will teach our children to be
artists. Rather it gives them experiences with materials and concepts that are
necessary for art to be created.
Date: 11/13/97 3:43 PM
From: RWilk85411
Perhaps I have misunderstood you. Please forgive me if I have. But it sounds
as if you are overlooking the role of the art teacher which is to teach those
children who do not already have an instinct or the knowledge required for
the artwork in question. You say that many children do not think to fill the
entire space. Will they not do so if you instruct them to do so and
demonstrate what you mean? I'll admit that I do not teach elementary children
and perhaps am not aware of an inability to understand the concept if
explained. I just have to agree with Bob about coloring books. I can't help
but feel that they are the reason that I get high school students who
basically still want to "color in" not matter what we are doing.


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