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Re: A&E.A Goldsworthy

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Mark Alexander (mamjam)
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 21:38:07 -0500

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Dear Grace, Rosa Maria, Margarita, and Angela,

I think you are on the right track here. Good questions. I do have a few
I suggest the wording be changed to: "8. What does change have to do with
nature? ...with ecology?...with art?"

I suggest the wording be changed to: "9. What were Goldsworthy's
intentions?" because I feel it would be a good idea for you to imply that
he did have intentions.

Also, "12. Which was the art part of Mr. Goldsworthy's work, the snowballs
or the photographs of the snowballs?"

I would also try to get them thinking beyond the snowballs. For example,
"13. What would you make for your next project if you were Mr.

Email some of the responses and let us know how the lesson went! Good luck,

Mark Alexander, 1-8 Art
Lee H. Kellogg School
47 Main Street
Falls Village, Connecticut 06031

"The object of education is to
prepare the young to
educate themselves
throughout their lives."
Robert Hutch

At 2:58 PM 11/13/97, champion wrote:
>Hi everyone! We are doing a lesson on Andy Goldsworthy, ecology, and art
>and have come up with some questions to ask sixth grade students to get
>them to think about an artwork. The piece of art we choose is Andy
>Goldsworthy's snowballs. Here is our questioning strategy. And if anyone
>has any other imput, we are always happy of hearing from you.
>1.) What do you see?
>2.) Why would a person use snow, twigs, rocks, and etc. in a piece of
> artwork?
>3.) Does it have anything to do with ecology?
>4.) Do you think that it is art? Why or why not?
>5.) What do you think makes art?
>6.) Why do you think Goldsworthy took four different pictures of each
> snowball?
>7.) Why would Goldsworthy want to show you that they melted?
>8.) Do stages and changes have anything to do with nature and ecology?
>9.) If any, what were Goldsworth's intentions?
>10) Why do you think Goldsworthy would use all natural materials?
>11) Do you like his work? Why or why not?
> Thank you! Grace
> Rosa Maria
> Margarita
> Angela

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