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RE: Zoetrope

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Sears, Ellen (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 13:57:34 -0500

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Zoetrope -
9" x 12" black construction paper
Plastic lid from 13 oz coffee can (4")
Scotch tape
Cotton Swab
Picture strip - instructions follow

Cut a strip of construction paper 2 1/2" wide by 12" long. Cut 12 1/8"
by 1" slots along a long edge (Looks like a comb).

Tape the two ends of the strip together to make a circle. Tape a 1 1/4"
square over the seam between the ends to make the joint stiff.

With the pointed end of the scissors or other sharp object, make a
puncture hole in the center of the plastic lid. The center is marked by
a molding dimple.

Tape the cylinder of construction paper to the recessed side of the
plastic lid with scotch tape at four equally spaced points on the

Place a Picture strip inside the construction paper cylinder resting on
the bottom with the pictures facing inward.

Cut off one end of the cotton swab and push it through the center hole
in the plastic lid.

With the slots in the upright position, spin the cylinder by twirling
the cotton swab in your hands, while looking through the slots to see
the picture move.

Picture strip -
One strip of paper 11" x 1 3/8", divided into eleven 1" sections.
Inside each section draw a part of your animation. Ideas - frog
jumping, transformations (umbrella to musroom), dolphin jumping...

for more information you might try:
Thomas Edison House
729-31 E. Washington Street.
Louisville, Ky
Ph. 502 585 5247


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