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Re: ideas with paper making

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Mon, 10 Nov 1997 07:47:05 +0300

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RE ideas with paper to make sculptural, see my post yesterday.
To make a mold from clay, you create a mask, object, or design in
clay and coat it with vaseline. We use car grease here in Africa
because we can't get vaseline. We also use self-hardening clay so
that it can be reused again by pouring into a bucket and resoaking.
Put inside a small cardboard box whose sides are at least one inch on
each side larger than your form and an inch above the top of the
sides of the box. Tape the sides of the box, as the plaster has a
tendancy to leak out the corners.

Mix a batch of plaster and pour plaster over the top until the top of
the clay doesn't poke out, generally by a 1/2". Leave overnight.
Remove the box and the clay, and clean out your mold. Mix your paper
pulp. Put handfuls of paper pulp with most of the water squeezed out
into the mold, overlapping the edges somewhat. Put cheezecloth over
the top and sponge off excess water. Continue this process until you
have paper over your mold. The other way to do this is to couch a
sheet of paper directly onto the mold and press it into the design.
Let dry and remove the sculptural form. You can also collect objects
and couch paper directly over them, so they will dry with the
impression of the object in the paper - shells, bottles, bowls,
anything - this is where you can bring in recycled objects as well as
recycled paper. I generally have students collect paper that they
would normally throw away from home and we blend that up to show them
not only how much they throw away but that it can be reused.
As I said in my previous post, I have done the paper casting with 4th
grade on up. A successful way to cast without plaster is to use
plasticene. Students make an object in plasticene, place it on a
sheet of plexiglas and couch the paper over the top. I have done this
with kindergarten on up. Not only do they create something
sculptural, I let them keep the plasticene.

For college students, you can do other kinds of mold with the
material that dentists use to make molds but it's more expensive. The
advantage is it dries very quickly.

Teresa Tipton

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Date: Sun, 09 Nov 1997 17:44:11 -0500 (EST)
Subject: ideas with paper making

I wanted to do a paper making lesson with high school students. I thought I'd
have them make their own paper and we would discuss the importance of recycling
along with reduceing and reusing. After they have made plenty of paper of
different colors and texures I'd like them to use it to construct a sculpture
relating it to ecology of course. However I'm not quite sure how to go about
doing this. How can I use the paper in a sculpural way? I also found a box
of old computer wire that a computer lab was throwing out. I thought maybe they
can use the wire as an armature and they can form the paper around it. Does
anyone have any ideas on how I can make this into a more ecological lesson
besides recycling? Maybe narrow the sculpure assignment down to a certain
ecological issue? Any thoughts? ...................Ann Marie

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