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RE: Budgets for teaching art

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Terri (schurter)
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 06:33:41 -0500

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I teach art at a high school. When I was transferred from the elementary
five years ago my budget was about $5000.00 a year to teach six classes a
day. The second year I was at the high school it was cut to $3,000.00 and
has not been increased since. If you factor in inflation I figure that I
have less than half as much buying power now as five years ago. It gets
harder and harder to make ends meet, especially since I am teaching two
classes of photography in additional to other art classes. I am so
discouraged about the budget situation that I am getting really burned out
on teaching. In fact, I have not read this newsgroup in three months, but
happened to notice the subject line when my email was downloading and
thought I would check to see what someone else has to say on the subject. I
routinely spend about $500.00 or more out of pocket each year to supplement
my budget. I do it because it makes my life easier, but I resent it all
the same.


At 10:57 PM 11/9/97 -0500, Mark Alexander wrote:
>I have to teach on a cart, I don't have a place I can grade papers during
>my plan periods, I have supplies stashed in other classrooms and in the
>nurse's room which makes them difficult to get at sometimes, but I do get a
>really good budget. This is a public schools, which has 130 total k-8
>students and I get $3000 per year for the art program. I don't have trouble
>spending it, either. For that I'm expected to share supplies like colored
>paper, tempera paints, modeling clay and ceramic clay with the classroom
>teachers. I hide the good stuff as well as I can, but I leave out the cheap
>paper, the opened temperas, etc. kind of like a rabbit garden. It works ok.
>I don't complain.
>Mark Alexander, 1-8 Art
> Lee H. Kellogg School
> 47 Main Street
> Falls Village, Connecticut 06031
> U.S.A.
>At 9:51 PM 11/9/97, DEBBI CRANE wrote:
>>I teach art in rural southern Indiana, and we get three dollars per year
>>per child for art supplies. In some schools, the PTO also gives each
>>teacher 100.00 per year to purchase additional stuff. I only buy books
>>with my own money, books that I intend to keep when I leave, move or
>>change jobs.
>>Just thought I'd share...
>>From: Brenda Bain[SMTP:brenda_b]
>>Sent: Sunday, November 02, 1997 9:14 AM
>>Subject: Re: Budgets for teaching art
>>A big DITTO here on the art budget blues. A lot of great suggestions, but
>>I would also like to add a word of caution - Be careful when you spend your
>>own money on your art program. My administrator learned quickly that I
>>would use my own money. She knew the students were getting a quality art
>>program, and she was saving money. My budget never improved.
>>I still spend my own money, but only on things that can go with me when I
>>leave, books, prints, slides, videos, etc. Also when the classroom
>>teachers send to my room for art supplies I let them know about my limited
>>budget. I tell them that I can trade supplies, but that I cannot give them
>>anything. They are usually appalled at my lack of budget. They get $10 per
>>year per student for classroom supplies. I get $1.
>> Brenda Bain
>> Art Teacher
>> St. John Elementary, Quincy, FL
>> Doctoral Student, Art Ed., FSU
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