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RE: Printmaking projects

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Fri, 7 Nov 1997 14:23:20 +0300

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A successful printmaking project I did was to work with 12 x 12
styrofoam plates and 4 x 4 styrofoam plates. The linoleum I inherited
is very old and 3" square, so this is a better alternative and can
bet cut into with pencils, or what I've been doing lately is
sharpening the ends of paint brushes and using them as drawing tools
as well.

On the 12" square, students drew a border at least 1 12" wide (we
actually did it in cm and mm but I can't translate it yet...) in
which they were to do different patterns. On the inside square, they
were to create an animal story with land, sea and air animals (of
Africa - since that's where we are... but it can be from anywhere..)
The story they created was to be written out in their language arts

Students practiced first by creating an animal image and background
on the small 4 x 4 plate before they created their larger plate. I
demonstrated how to pull a print with the image already developed,
then added more to the plate, and continued on changing each inking
so that you have a reductive type print that changes each pull or
run, depending on how many you want to pull. The styrofoam can be
easily cleaned up under water in between for changing colors.

Then I demonstrated how to create a multicolored print, inking the
inside square and then each side a different color OR brushing on the
printmaking ink directly with paintbrushes.

They turned out great. The kids were so excited by the process they
made cards, book covers, presents, even monoprints from the leftover
ink on the inking boards before we washed them up. I had kids coming
in at break and after school wanting to do printmaking.The styrofoam plates can be drawn onto on the backside as well,
giving you four images from the two plates. A real big

Teresa Tipton

From: "Sears, Ellen" <>
Subject: RE: Printmaking projects
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 14:40:56 -0500

Some of the projects we have done for printmaking:
Each student will get a 4 inch lino block.
The design carved is made up of repeated patterns, swirls, dots,
lines... but can ONLY touch the sides at a specific point. (I think it
was 1 1/2 inch to 2 2/2 inches down on the sides, and the same over
from the left.)
Then the small plate can be printed in different transformations -
rotations and translations (slides). Also, all of the blocks will fit
together for larger prints, because they are interlocking designs. The
changes the transformations make are great - they can also be printed in
many different combinations because each of the four corners can be the
point of rotation. These also look great on fabric, each block will
produce a 12 inch square, then they can all be pieced together.

Another for printing multiples - we try to print on as many different
papers as we can. We also run the lino plate through the slab rolling
table with heavy white paper (great for note cards) and felt for

My little kids like to use markers to add color to their prints, we have
also printed on 'tie-dyed' rice paper.

Guess that's it,

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