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Sidnie Miller (
Thu, 6 Nov 1997 19:25:38 -0800 (PST)

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I tried out the chicken bone bit--I didn't buy the book of course, just
took off from this post. Well--let me recommend that you only boil a
chicken for 1 hour--not 2 or so as I did. When I cleaned off the bones
I couldn't believe how many there were. I didn't have any bleach, which
I suspect might be the next step--there was still some flesh on the bones
especially the backbone so I thought I'd try to bake them away. I baked
them for 2 hours and they were so extremely fragile I could hardly handle
them without breakage. I got out the trusty glue gun which is the only
way I could conceive of doing this and glued the thing to death--just an
expression you understand--this thing was way beyond death. My dinosaur
is more of an entertainer. Since I didn't have a head, I got one of my
scavenger children's skulls--not their personal ones-the ones they have
been trained to bring in to mom--I believe it was a gopher. Anyway, it
was great. I took it to our state art ed conference and it was a hit.
the problem is that it never quite got rid of the backbone flesh and it
smells--not really awful but enough to draw my cat who had it down on
the floor chewing it as fast as she could. It now lacks a tail, but still
looks pretty good. I think this would be a great idea for an art club--
order a barbequed whole chicken and have everyone save the bones as they
eat--then glue them up. It was fun.Sid--

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On 24 Oct 1997, Susan Seaman wrote:

> Mail*Link(r) SMTP FWD>RE>fossils
> here is the book from the website if anyone is interested in trying
> it out. let us know how it worked...
> Make Your Own Dinosaur Out of Chicken Bones
> : Foolproof Instructions for Budding
> Paleontologists
> by Chris McGowan, Christopher McGowan
> List: $13.00
> Our Price: $10.40
> You Save: $2.60
> (20%)
> Availability: This item
> usually ships within 2-3
> days.
> Paperback, 176 pages
> Published by HarperCollins
> (paper)
> Publication date: May 1, 1997
> Dimensions (in inches): 9.19 x
> 7.39 x .45
> ISBN: 0060952261
> --------------------------------------
> Date: 10/10/97 12:27 AM
> From: Pygment
> Okay, here's a bizarre idea....and I do mean BIZARRE! I recently took my
> third grade classes to the Albright Knox Art Museum in Buffalo, NY, and as
> usual, we ended by trying to control the kids in the gift shop. One of our
> parent chaperones found a book that she bought, and shared it with me before
> checkout....Making Dinosaur Skeletons from Chicken Bones! That is not the
> exact title, but it's the premise of the book. You boil and dry the bones,
> then construct dinosaurs from even came with "plans" for different
> dinosaurs. To do so, however, would mean asking your local butcher for some
> chicken heads as well......
> I also saw a tv profile on another teacher several years ago, who
> "staged" an archaelogical dig for students. He took them on a campout to an
> area where former students and he had buried bones and other "goodies" a few
> days before. The kids worked the areas which were roped off and tagged, and
> "discovered" their buried treasures, using traditional methods and tools.
> Pretty clever, actually... and I don't see why one couldn't use a large sand
> box for a scaled down experience.
> Deb Meier-Sprague
> Jackson School
> Batavia, NY

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