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Re: cave drawings

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Christine Merriam (
Sun, 02 Nov 1997 15:54:47 +0000

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And yet another variation on this theme :)

I have a big roll of brown butcher paper (the stuff the paper bags
are made of). I tear off a piece the size of my student tables, then
tear it in half. 3 students work on each "rock" with markers and
crayons... I do like all the ideas for blowing stuff, (but also worry
about the kids who suck the junk into their mouth). At the end of
class the kids wad them up (love the shocked look on their faces when
I demonstrate that) and then we open them back up and create our "rock
wall" outside the art room. My daughter was helping me put the
segments up this year and she even wrapped them around the drinking

The week before we do this activity, we look at filmstrips called
"The Story of the Cave Painters" (LC-79-73041,Educational
Dimensions,Stamford, CT) and discuss the use of contour line, how
paint is made, the reason for making the pictures they did in Altamira
and Lascaux. One other thing I do is try to create a concept of 27,000
years with the kids. I have a timeline, which is accurate from AD year
one to now, but has 25,000 years BC squished into a short segment. I
have the students pretend each wall in the artroom is equal to 3,000
years and we count around the room till we reach 27,000 (2 1/4 times
around the room) so they can see how long the time line really should
be.. I also use an analogy of driving 2 miles or to a place that is 27
miles away.

We are fortunate to have many examples of rock art in our area, and
most students have seen some made by Anasazi, Navajo, or Hopi people.
Students may use xerox pictures of examples of this, or make up their
own pictures to tell about life now.

Think I have rattled enough,
Christine Merriam
Kayenta Intermediate School

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