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the budget battle

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Sun, 2 Nov 1997 15:47:16 -0500 (EST)

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You know what I think would help a bundle? If we art teachers had a
professional organization , such as the NAEA, include in one of their guide
packets for school art programs a recommendation for a dollar amount per
student. It is absolutely ridiculous that there is so little consistency in
dollar(s) per student throughout this country! Now, I've looked through a
number of the guide packets that NAEA publishes for administrators,
Superintendents, and Board Members, and haven't found one that recommends a
dollar amount per student. My state president says that there is no state
recommendation as well. Does anyone know why this is? Hasn't anyone thought
of this? I know that if I presented my administrator with a dollar amount
recommended by the NAEA , he would take it more seriously.

I used to teach at a school that provided one dollar per student for art. It
was so infuriating! It sent a message to the kids too. They knew that they
were working with crappy materials. It made them feel unimportant, and
certainly sent the message that art was unimportant since no one was willing
to pay for it....AHHHH. Before I left that school I was able to convince the
new administrator to raise the budget from a couple hundred to thousands for
art through a pretty thorough proposal. I guess I should count my blessings
now, but I'm still fighting to raise my dollar per student at a private
school. Must this always be a battle my fellow teachers?-Dawn Malosh

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