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Re: Art Ed Chat Rooms

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Michelle Vidro (ggoose)
Sat, 1 Nov 1997 09:06:14 -0700

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I am not a nitty-gritty techy person either. But that is why i'm suggesting
IRC to chat. You don't need to do much except download a program, set it up
as per the instructions, start a room, and chat away!

I would not have the time or the knowledge to set up a chat room on the
internet. I've been trying to do my own website for almost 2 years now!
Guess i'm having more fun teaching art!

Anyway, i'm happy to share any knowledge I have to make this happen.

>Dear Readers,
>Of course we should do it! What possible argument could be against it?
>Judging from the volume of e-mail I've gotten since joining artsednet,
>there is a demand for better communication among art teachers. If we build
>it; they will come. (Hmmmmm...Where have I heard that?)
>As for names, here are a few off the top of my head:
>The Art Room-Art Ed's Cafe-Art's Pedagogy Parlour-ArtEdNet Forum-Getty
>Salon-Calliope's Garden-J.Paul's Lounge-
>Michelle, I will read what you suggest on setting up a space. The nuts and
>bolts - code writing - nitty gritty of the project isn't where my heart is
>My dream chat room has live scheduled, moderated talks on relevant current
>affairs. Additionally, newsmakers, artists, and pioneer art educators would
>make scheduled, as well as unannounced, on-line visits to us. For
>instance, An Evening With Robert Hughes and Sister Wendy Beckett.:-) We
>could, also, have on-line seminars, conducted by visiting professors. And,
>authors might particpate in discussions of new texts, articles and books
>(perhaps, following Oprah's very successful model of an electronic
>At 04:30 PM 10/28/97 -0700, you wrote:
>>I use a Mac and the program I like best for IRC chatting is called Ircle.
>>Go to this website to download the program. The site also has everything
>>you need to know about set up, IRC chatting, and such.
>>If anyone is on a PC, I do know you use MIRC. You can probably download it
>>from a similar site as Ircle. Do a Yahoo search for MIRC. That should get
>>you there. Try this....
>>If we set up a chat room i'd like to do it on one of these servers:
>>I have been chatting on these servers without much trouble for quite some
>>time now. We would all need to use the same server connection to get to the
>>same room.
>>We need to have a name for our IRC channel (chat room). How about DBAE?
>>ArtsEdNet? ArtTalk? Any other ideas?
>>We can set it up officially, or just whoever gets there first starts the
>>room. I have never set up a room, but I know someone who has. We may not
>>want to hassle that at first. Let's get it up and running first, see what
>>kind of turnout we get, then we can decide. There is no need to officialize
>>it really.
>>Anyway, these are the basics. Should we do it?
>>I'm game!
>>Hope this helps answer some questions.

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