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Re: First Grade Art on a Cart

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Donalyn Heise (dheise)
Wed, 20 Nov 1996 11:03:09 +0000

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I am sure that you will find what works best for you. Bells and whistles
never seemed to be "me"!

I taught art on a cart to K-3 students. I purchased tiny smiley face
stickers and each day passed them out to students who were on task or
who cleaned up their area. Of course, I did this as I complemented them
and thanked them for doing such a good job. This always made all other
students immediately hustle to do the same! The costs of these tiny
stickers were well worth it! I was surprised how well they worked! I
enjoyed the opportunity to focus on the positive behaviors instead of
correcting the misbehaviors. Also, one consequence for misbehavior was
losing the opportunity to participate in the art activity, and they
HATED that! (That didn't work so well in the middle grades though!)

I had a closet with supplies, and traveled from classroom to classroom
hauling the appropriate supplies in a red wagon. It was challenging to
switch supplies as I switched to a new grade level. It took a lot of
planning. I would be happy to share some of my lesson activities if you
like. Just let me know what you want to focus on.

Donalyn Heise

Becky Alexander wrote:
> Kindergarten +
> "If you want to be a hero,
> Be all ready by the count of zero:
> 5...4...3...2...1...0"
> This is to get them finished cleaning up and ready for next
> activity. It hustles them. I vary the speed to tasks necessary before
> "ready". Usual consequences for "not ready" without good cause.
> Becky Alexander
> Porterville, Ca.
> P.S. Oh, my, what do the High school teachers think of this one!!! :) :)
> >sally r watkins wrote:
> >>
> >> >
> >> >To: Artsednet Talk Listserve
> >> >From: (sally r watkins)
> >> >Subject: First grade art on a cart
> >> >
> >> >As a graduate student who teaches seven, first grade art classes at the
> >> >local elementary school, I am having trouble with classroom management. I
> >> >spend thirty minutes with each class, and spend 15 minutes trying to get
> >> >everyone to stay seated or stop talking. I also need suggestions for
> >> >lessons that work well using a cart and having classes back to back.I'll
> >> >take any suggestions.
> >
> >
> >I was visiting Cape Cod last year and bought a boat bell. I trained the
> >kids to be quiet when they hear it. This year the whole fifth grade is
> >trained to mimic a clapped beat when they hear it. It may take 3
> >different beats but they all try to get it. It helps that the whole
> >school does it.
> >
> >One first grade teacher has a frog she wears around her neck that
> >clicks. Her children are trained to freeze when it clicks.
> >
> >Many teachers count to whatever but the kids have to be trained.
> >
> >Good luck.
> >
> >Kelly

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