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Re: My drawing secret!

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Becky Alexander (Bekalex)
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 21:57:56 -0700

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Hi, Carol,

I have an assortment of large plastic wild animals that the kids
really get a kick out of, just to practice drawing. Go figure...


>HI, Carol.....
>>Hi everyone, About drawing--I just had my fifth grade classes do a still
>>life drawing that I thought would appeal to them--clothes hung on a
>>hanger, jeans, a vest, a shirt and a hat in a pocket. They had to do a
>>contour drawing first then add shading. The kids hated it--my question
>>is why? I think the answer is they don't spend enough time drawing to
>>get good at it and I encouraged them to draw for 10-15 minutes each
>>night. The concept I was trying to teach was to really draw well, one
>>must really look at the model. Help, tell me what I am doing wrong
>>here. I have decided to start their classes with a short still life
>>drawing for a while--drawing for about 15 minutes then moving on to the
>>lesson of the day. Good idea or overkill? Looking forward to your
>>ideas and comments, Carol
>...............end message.............
>I don't know why either but I DID discover a secret. They LOVE a still life
>with lots of teddy bears...even 8th grade boys! I never hear one grumble
>when I put them out for a drawing. And, don't ask me why!!!!!! A bunch of
>opened unbrellas put together on the floor haphazardly (sp?) also proved
>umgrumbable for the preteen monster set. One other idea...old motors from
>machinery are nifty too and the boys dig these. They don't like clothes or
>bottles, books or plants, etc....just the unusual! I kinda don't blame
>them!! I like something different too!!!!
>Bunki Kramer

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