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Re: "Short Responses" 4 U young 'uns

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Mark Alexander (Alexander)mamjam)
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 23:11:36 -0500

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Thanks Bunki!

I'm really glad I'm not the only one who needs to read the messages that
inspired the replies! I also need the original message copied into the
reply because I usually have to refer to it WHILE I'M WRITING MY REPLY. I
sometimes lose track of what inspired me to reply in the first place.
Sometimes it even helps me when I need to remember who I'm replying to!

However, Nancy does have a point. I do find it's a waste of a lot of time
arrowing down through the copied original message, just looking for the
beginning of the reply! So I usually put my reply first, like I'm doing
now. I leave the copied stuff last, so it becomes optional for the reader.
Before I begin writing I have to hit return a couple times then arrow up
to the beginning before I write the reply. I find its not much trouble, if
I remember, of course!

Maybe this helps?

Mark Alexander
1-8 Art on the Cart
Lee H. Kellogg School
Falls Village, CT 06031

P.S. Bunki, I like your term <old toddler>. I often feel like an old
teenager, myself!

>>For the benefit of people who have limited amounts of time and energy, I
>>would make a suggestion about how we respond to a question on this service.
>>Please delete the original message from your response. If we see the
>>subject of your response we don't need to receive a copy (shown by < at the
>>beginning of each line) of the original message.
>>Thanks, Nancy
>................end message (hee, hee, hee!................
>Great idea, Nancy....but for those old toddlers like me who are frantically
>and swiftly losing what little memory is left, we desparately need the
>It's soooooooo frustrating to read a message and have absolutely no idea
>WHAT the sender is talking about! Now......Hummm......where is that stupid
>button to send this???!!!!!!
>Bunki Kramer
>Los Cerros Middle School
>968 Blemer Road
>Danville, California 94526
>sch.# 510-552-5620
>................end message................

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